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First grade students concentrate on acquiring beginning technology skills with a strong focus on developing mouse, typing, and word processing skills. Students will use Google Documents to learn how to type to change font sizes, styles and colors as well as Insert, size and position clipart, add page borders and print documents. Students will also explore their creativity with Microsoft Paint.

Typing Lessons: Focus on typing accuracy, proper finger placement, not speed.

Writing Lessons: Students work to gain proficiency and speed using a word processor to write and illustrate with sentences, shapes and clipart. Students will practice with narrative, informative, and opinion writing styles. These are "guided" writing exercises that students will copy either exactly or very closely. Generally, this avoids students struggling with ideas, indecision, or spelling problems that slow or prevent progress to completion.

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Mouse Tutorial

Mouse Skill Games

Play and Learn

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First Grade Enrichment Activities
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spelling Practice.pngKitten Hop.pngAlphabet Match.png
It's fun to Read.pngLetter match.pngI'm Reading.png


numerical order.png number bingo.png Money Bingo.png Marble Math.png

Learn to tell time.pngBalloon Pop Subtraction.png

Fuss bug Graphing.png counting fish.png comparing numbers.png Bubble Skip counting.png Base 10 Bingo.png

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Grade 1 Games

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ABCYA.png STARFALL.png Nick JR.png pbs.png

Computer Literacy Lessons

1-Use the mouse.png 1-Home Keys Practice.png

1-Key text.png 1-Watch a Video.png

1-Paintbrush Tool.png 1-Make a Title slide.png